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Тема: Речевой этикет. Светская беседа. Правила этикета.

Greeting and meeting people manners. Small talk. Conversational formulars. Урок № 1

Задание 1 ( Task 1) Read and translate the text about

«Greeting and meeting people manners»

When two businessmen in Great Britain meet especially when formally introduced they usually shake hands and say: Hello. My name is…It’s nice to meet you.(I am pleased to meet you). When greeting friends they say: Hi(Hello) and greeting strangers :How do you do.

When introducing someone the Englishmen say This is Mr..(give the name)-informal introduction and Let me introduce Mr…. to you-formal introduction.

You can also say: Meet my friend…or I’d like you to meet our new collegue.

You should always stand when people are being introduced.

Note about etiquette:

Men are introduced to women.

Young people to older ones.

Old friend to newcomers.

A young girl to a married woman.

If you address to somebody whose name you don’t know you say: Excuse me, which is the best way of attracting attention.

New words:

Meet- знакомиться ,встречать


Shake hands- пожимать руки

Newcomer-новенький, незнакомый


Address to-обращаться к

Attract attention-привлекать внимание

I’d like you to meet… – Я хотел бы вам представить…

Let mе introduce Мr. Brown to уоu – Разрешите представить вам мистера Брауна

Let mе introduce myself. – Разрешите представиться

How do уоu do, Мr. Brown? – Здравствуйте, мистер Браун

Pleased\glad \nice to meet уоu. – Приятно/Рад познакомиться с вами

Task 2. Answer the questions

When do we usually say Hello?

How do Englishmen usually greet friends?



How can you introduce yourself?

Your friend?

Your collegue?

Which phrase is the best way of attracting attention?

Do you know the etiquette rules?

Task3. Translate: 1.Мужчины обычно пожимают руки.2. Разрешите представиться.3. Познакомьтесь с моей сестрой.4. Он привлек мое внимание. 5.Я бы хотел познакомить вас с нашим менеджером.

Task4. Прослушайте диалог «Знакомство», расставив пропуски. Выпишите подчеркнутые фразы этикета. Переведите диалог и выучите его по ролям.

Dialogue : Meeting/ Introducing yourself (Встреча, знакомство)


to get acquainted with somebody– познакомиться

No doubt – Без сомнений

to rely on… – полагаться на…

sightseeing – осмотр достопримечательностей

entertainment – развлечения

shopping – покупки, поход по магазинам

Everything you wish – Всё, что пожелаете

It would be a wonderful idea! – Это было бы замечательной идеей!

to go to the country – ездить за город

With great pleasure – С огромным удовольствием

Simon:— Natalie, meet my wife Paula. Paula, this is Natalie Simonova from Russia.

Natalie: How do you do, Paula? …..to meet you.

Paula:— How do you do? Nice to meet you too, Natalie. Simon told me a lot about you.

Simon: So, you`ve got acquainted now. Let`s go to the…..

Natalie: Simon, which hotel we are going to go to?

Simon: We are going to the Beardsley hotel. It`s a very nice hotel. You`ll like it.

Natalie: No …Simon. I know that I can always rely on you.

Simon:There is a wonderful ……at the hotel. I think you`ll like the cuisine.

Natalie: I also think so. And what about….., entertainment and shopping?

Simon: Everything you…. Tomorrow we can go to see the places of interest of London.

Natalie:It would be a wonderful….!

Simon:— This weekend we can go to the ….to have a picnic. You`ll meet our children. Now they are at grandma’s in Norwich.

Natalie:With great…..

Урок № 2

Тема: Светская беседа(Small talk.)

Translate the text

Small talk doesn’t mean unimportant talk. It’s a big talk. Business people always small talk before they have business talk. You can talk about hobbies, sport, family, the weekend, holiday and, of course, the weather.

The most common questions are: Nice weather, isn’t it? Do you like the weather ? What is your favourite sport? How was your weekend(holiday)?

Rules of small talk.

Listen first and reply in the same manner as the person you are communicating with.

Try not to answer the questions with only yes or no. Add more small talk.

Watch the person you are communicating with.

Try not to use slang as it is not always understood by everyone.

Don’t bring anger into a conversation. To be effective you must be patient.

Reply- отвечать





Do you agree with these rules?

Use forms of agreement(disagreement): I agree- Я согласен

I don’t agree-Я не согласен.

I think so too-Я тоже так думаю.

I don’t think so-Я так не думаю.

Аудирование: Listen to the short conversations and do tasks( учебное пособие «Business English for schools» Unit 7 №3a, 3b)

3с) Какие фразы используются, чтобы

а) поприветствовать кого-то……………….

б) поблагодарить или выразить признательность…………………..

в) уточнить, если вы не поняли что-то………………

с) показать заинтересованность в беседе…………………

Распределите данные фразы a-c и выучите их:



Nice to see you again

How are you?


It was kind of you to invite me

Make yourself at home

Have you been here before?

How do you do?

That’s fine!


That’s nice to hear!


Nice weather, isn’t it?


What a pity!

How do you like it here?

How was your flight?

Is your hotel all right?

Добавьте фразы в зад.3с) : Thank you very much! I see I beg your pardon? That was kind of you! That sounds interesting! Fine! Sure!

Подготовьте пересказ текста о правилах светской беседы.

Урок № 3 Речевые формулы: Приглашения. Отказ от приглашения и принятие приглашения.

Invitations and suggestions


Would уоu like to… – Не хотите ли

Go dancing-

Go for a drink-

Go out for a meal-

Go for a walk-

Go shopping-

How about… ingКак насчет

going to the theatre-

going to the cinema-

going to the restaurant-

Would уоu care for а сuр of tea? Не хотите ли чашку чая?

A cup of coffee—

A cheese sandwich

Would уоu like to join us – Не хотите присоединиться?

Let’s go to а restaurant – Давайте пойдем в ресторан

To the café-

Have lunch —

Why not having а holiday? – Почему бы не взять выходной

A break


Read and translate small dialogues

Dialogue1 Invitation to the restaurant

I am hungry. How about you?

I am so hungry that I could eat a horse

I heard there is a good Chinese restaurant near here. Would you like to go there for lunch?

Ok, with pleasure!

Dialogue2 Invitation to the cinema

Are you doing anything tonight?

Not really.

So let’s go to the cinema?

I’d love to, thanks. Well, do you like comedies?

Oh, yes. I do. How about American pie?

That’s a great idea!

Запомните фразы: Accepting invitation(принять приглашение)

I’d love to-С удовольствием

With pleasure

That’s a fine idea!-Это прекрасная идея

All right-Хорошо

That would be fine-Было бы замечательно

Refusing invitation(отказаться от приглашения)

Sorry, but I’m busy.Извините, но я занят

I’d love to, but I’m afraid I can’t. С удовольствием, но боюсь, не смогу

That’s very kind of you but I’m tired…Очень мило с вашей стороны, но я устал


Match the following phrases with the correct responses

a.How about going to the theatre

b. No, I don’t feel like seeing it.

cThat would suit me fine.

d.Yes, I’d love to.

eWhat a pity!f. Can’t we make it another day

er day

1. Would you like to go to the cinema tonight?

What shall we do tonight?

I’d love to, but I’m afraid I can’t. I’ve got to work.

All right. How about Thursday?

What about going to the ballet?

Sorry, I’m busy on Monday


Make up conversations from the cues below. You may follow these patterns:

a) A:Are you free tonight?

B:Yes, I think so.

A:Would you like to come to my house for dinner?

B:Yes, I’d love to. Thanks.

Cue words:

join me for lunch

go to a disco

play tennis with us

see that new action film

next weekend


this afternoon

on Tuesday

b) A: I’d like to invite you to a party this weekend.

B: Thanks. I’d like to, but I’m afraid I can’t. I’m going away for the weekend

A: That’s a pity!

Cue words:

go swimming with us this afternoongoing to visit my parents

my house on Tuesdayvery busy

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