Открытый урок в 4 классе До новых встреч Из жизни сороконожек

«До новых встреч»

(Из жизни сороконожек)

Unit 10 Lesson 1

УМК «Мillie»- 4 класс, Азарова С. И., Дружинина Э.Н. и др., изд-во «Титул»


Организационный момент. (2 мин)

— Good morning, children!

— I am glad to see you.

— How are you?

– I’m fine, thank you. Take your seats, please

Фонетическая зарядка.(3 мин) — Children, do you remember all English sounds? Lets repeat. [s] – sports сentre, school, castle; [v] – clever, vet, love; [p] – play, place, pupil; [r] – river, driver, garden; [m] – museum, computer, snowman; [z] – close, nose, please; [k] – castle, creative, bike; [ai] – eye, bike, driver. — Thank you, children. Good for you.

Речевая разминка. (2 min)- I want you to remember the English words now.

We shall name the places where we can do different things. Look at the blackboard. Place – river, garden, sports сentre, castle, museum, school.

Thing – book, a bike, tooth, black eye, goal, ball.

4. Тема и целеполагание. (2 min)

О чем мы сейчас говорили? Какова тема нашего урока? А хотите научиться описывать предметы и места? Так какова наша цель? А как мы этому можем научиться? (Read Speak Write Play) на доску.

5. Введение и отработка новых структур. (10 min)

a) Let’s play! Guess:

1. What is it? It’s a place where you can grow flowers, apple trees.

— a garden.

2. What is it? It’s a thing you can read.

— a book.

b) And now make up sentences in your books Ex.1 p.102

— Чему мы учились? Трудно?

6. Физминутка. (1мин)

— Are you tired? Let’s do simple physical exercises. Stand up and repeat after me.

7. Работа с текстом. (5min)

А) Pre-reading exercises

Look at the bottom of the page. Who’s there?

— A millipede.

-What do you know about millipedes? (Что вы знаете о сороконожках?)

b) While-reading exercises

— Read and say. What is wrong in the picture?

— What colour are millipedes?

How long are they?

How many legs are there on each segment of the body?

Are young millipedes longer than old ones?

What food do they eat?

When do they roll up in a ball?

(Millipedes don’t eat cheese. Young millipedes are shorter than old ones.)

b) After-reading exercises

— Read the riddles and name the objects. (Leaves, potato, flowers; garden, greenhouse.)

— Great! Интересно? А хотите прочитать ещё одну интересную историю?

Then look at the board.

8. Чтение с остановками (10 мин)


9. Закрепление изученных структур (игра)

— Are you tired? Let’s play Hide-and-seek.

— You are a leader. And we’ll hide our millipedes. Find them.


— Excellent!

10. Рефлексия

— Well-done, it was a very informative lesson today. You have learnt a lot. Let’s remember! Давайте вспомним, чему мы научились на уроке.

Its a place where you can

It’s a thing you can

11. Home task:

рабочая тетрадь – с.56, упр.9.

— Our lesson is over. Good-bye, children. You may be free