Пособие по теме Здоровье


healthhospital, nambulance, n drug-store, n

centers surgery, nemergency, n maternity home

polyclinic, nchemist’s, n nursing center

health- resort

to take to the hospital waiting room ward

medical record (card) patient’s file to be admitted to a hospital to be discharged from a hospital urgent call

to call an ambulance stretcher emergency case

examination couch instrument table

indispositiondisease, n injury, n

illness, nmalady, n

sickness, nailment, n

be in poor / no / critical condition

be unfit for something

be weakened / indisposed

a bout of depression

(non) communicable diseases

(in)curable, catching, contagious diseases


Pneumonia is a chest disease, which makes breathing very difficult

organslung, nstomach, nback, n

of bodyheart, nbelly, nbackbone, n

liver, nintestine(s), nside, n

kidney, nskin, nankle, nchest, nlimb, nknee, n

breast, njoint, nbowels, n

brain, windpipe vein

artery bronchus lung

gullet bladder blood circulation

nervous system muscle

Mark has broken his arm. His knee is also damaged.


medicinesdrug, nmixture, nantibiotic, n

pill, ndrops, nantiseptic, n

capsule, nointment, nanesthetic, n

tablet, ncream, npain killer

powder, niodine, nmedical herb

extract, ngargle, ntranquilizer, n

make up a medicine take a medicine (for)

a tablespoonful , a teaspoonful,

take this pills three times a day, every two hours , after / before meals, on an empty stomach

to take for a headache/cough/ a cold

to apply a mustard plaster to be inoculated against

to put a dressing to put a hot water bottle( to)

to remove the bandage

You much take these tablets to reduce the inflammation.

You can only get this ointment on prescription.

medicalbandage, n heating pad stethoscope, n

appliancessyringe, n plaster, n cotton-wool, n

thermometer, n injection, n inhalation, n

to give a shot ( injection )

The doctor protected the wound from the air by putting a bandage over it.

symptomspain, n sore eyes running nose

chest ~ sore throat shiver, n

ache, n sore back vomit, n

stomach ~ swollen ear diarrhea, n

headache, n insomnia, dizziness, n

earache, n fainting, n giddiness, n

temperature, n bleeding, n sleepiness, n

fever, n cough, n fatigue, n

inflammation, n sneezing, n rash, n

My throat is store. It hurts to swallow.

complaintsfeel bad / sick / ill / dizzy / giddy / feverish / faint

fall ill / be taken ill

suffer from, v

complain of / about, v

have / develop pain in kidneys / liver / stomach

have a sore throat / headache / temperature/high blood pressure

feel stiff

catch cold / have a cold

fall over, v

pill a muscle

twist one’s ankle

have a heart attack

have poor vision

to faint

to have pain in the stomach

have a runny / stuffed-up nose /clogged nose

have a nervous breakdown

be depressed / tired

lose appetite / voice

have a chill

be near / far sighted

itch, v

burn, v

hurt, v

pain, v


I’m allergic to odors.It hurts me to move.

I have a high blood pressure.My eyes itch.

My ear aches.What shall I take for it?

diseases flu / influenza, nheart disease blood pressure

tonsillitis, n hay fever, n appendicitis, n

quinsy, nfood poisoning AIDS, n

sore throatindigestion, n cancer, n

grippe, n sun-stroke, n allergy, n

catarrh, nchest infection pneumonia, n

asthma, near infection the measles, n

bronchitis, n

He was suffering from chronic appendicitis.

My appendix is causing me trouble again.

doctor’s test / take blood pressure do X-ray

activity examine / feel the pulse do blood test

sound the chest / hearth / lungs remove tonsils

pull / take out a tooth operate, v

make / give an injection treat, v

to write out a prescription to write out a sickleave

cure, v to cure smb. of smth. to be operated on /for

to have the mixture made up

The doctor arranged for me a complete series of tests.

He gave me an injection to relieve the pain.

patient’s strip to the waist take the shirt off

activity spread fingers inhale, v

stretch arms exhale,

to be prescribed to a diet to stay in bed

to undergo an operation to gargle to bare an arm

to complain of smth. to have after-effects

to have the symptoms of

follow the directions of the doctor

Before going to the doctor you should make an appointment.

prescriptions prescribe an injection

take medicine

apply the ointment/drops

rub the cream

wear glasses / contact lenses

stay from work

put a bandage / plaster on

have an operation

stay in bed for some time

keep warm

be on a sick list

take a hot water bottle/bag

consult a doctor

do blood transfusion

take more exercise

The doctor prescribed an antibiotic to the sick man.

How should the medicine be taken? On an empty stomach? After / before a meal?

How do I take this medicine? How often / how much should I take it?

How long is your sick-leave?

At the dentist’s

To make an appointment with a dentist for a check up, for a dental care

instrument tray dentures set of false teeth

drill bridge crown

seat porcelain tooth filling

extraction forceps to have one’s tooth treated

to be loose to fit on a crown/bridge

to pull out (remove, extract) a tooth

To have one’s tooth stopped/filled


general practitioner (GP)

neurologist, n


surgeon, n

urologist, n

pediatrician, n

gynecologist, n

physiotherapist, n

anesthesiologist, n

psychiatrist, n

ophthalmologist, n

pathologist, n

orthopedist, n

internist, n

pharmacist, n

dentist, n

optician, n

nurse, n

veterinarian, n

This surgeon operated on my leg last year.

other medical

in-patient, n

sick-note, n

recover, v


out-patient, n

sick-leave, n

die, v

check-up, n

ward, n

disability, n

affect, n

addict, n

hygiene, n


An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

Sound mind in a sound body.

Health is better than wealth.

Prevention is better than cure.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Health is not valued till sickness comes



Take turn for a better /worse

A man’s health is failing.

A man’s health is picking up.

He is doing well, he is on the mend, he is over the worst/

Get over the/ an illness.

To ruin one’ s health.

Feel /be/ look/ washed out.

Feel /be/ look/ run down.

Run /be running a temperature.

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