Практическая по страноведению

Практическая работа по страноведению

1. The English names of types of landscape are often confusing. Define the difference between the words: moor and heath

2. A valley between the hills is called _____________ in Cornwall, __________ in Hampshire, __________________ in Yorkshire, a ___________ in Scotland.

3. The largest lake in England

4. Cheviots are

5. Loughs are

6. Find some information about Yorkshire Dales

7. What are the downs?

8. What is the difference between the fells and the pikes?

9. The English symbols of Spring (flower) are

10. The national emblem of Britain (bird) is

11. How many national parks are there in Britain? They are :……………. The first was set …………………………

12. What do the English People call mares’tails

13. What do the English People call pea soupers

14. What do the English People call Scotch mist

15. What kinds of winds are rare and regular for Britain?

16. What is the typical feature of the English weather for April?

17. What region is called Little Holland?

Всю информацию можно найти в книге Mikhailov N.N. English Cultural Studies (Михайлов Н.Н. Лингвострановедение Англии): Учеб. пособие для студ. филол. фак. и фак. ин. яз. высш. учеб. заведений. – М.: «Академия», 2003. Сама книга доступна для скачивания, например, на сайте twirpix